Youth Services

First offender youth ages 13-17, as well as those on probation receive individual, family and group counseling and perform community service; while their parents receive parenting education.


New Beginnings

After care services including counseling, community service, parenting education and referrals are provided to serious offender youth who have been released from incarceration, as well as to their families.


Family Revitalization

Through this project, vital in-home services are provided to families with children from birth to five years of age, in order to prevent child abuse and neglect.


Road to Success

At risk youth participate in counseling, academic enrichment, conflict resolution workshops, computer training, employment readiness and life skills development in an after school program.


Parenting Education Program

Provides skills and strategies to assist parents in raising competent and achieving children.  It incorporates cultural values that aid in the development of pride in a child's heritage and de-emphasizes corporal punishment as a behavior management tool.  A strong communication component also serves to facilitate greater understanding between family members and reduce incidents of violence in the home and the community.


Graffiti Abatement

Court ordered youth and adults perform community service by participating in graffiti removal on public and private properties located in the 8th Council District.