Welcome to the People Who Care Youth Center (PWC) web site. Our agency is dedicated to the philosophy of a violence free community and we believe the foundation begins within the family. Our focus is children and families and our mission is to aid in their successful journey toward self-sufficiency, academic success, and a safe and healthy environment.


It is our role as adults to love our children - not fear them; educate them - not incarcerate them; encourage them - not intimidate them, and guide them - not dismiss them.


We hope you will take this opportunity to review the exciting programs, services, and opportunities available at PWC. We hope you will feel encouraged about the prospects for our young people and not be dismayed by the negative images you may encounter. You will see there are positive efforts being made on behalf of the vast numbers of young people and families who are working diligently to overcome the negative influences of gangs, drugs, violence and hopelessness.


We hope that after being uplifted by this good news, you will make your pledge to become a partner in the solution for hope for the future of our current and next generation. This pledge can take the form of donations and volunteering at PWC, or just taking the time to nurture and mentor a young person in your own family or community.


Whatever you do, DO SOMETHING for our young people. They are too valuable to give up on!





Connie Watson, MSW

Executive Director