Our Mission

The Mission of People Who Care Youth Center (PWC) is to make a positive difference in the community through a continuum of services that emphasize self-sufficiency and empowerment.

People Who Care Youth Center (PWC)

PWC was founded in 1974 by a group of residents concerned with the lack of positive outlets for youth in the community. 

Since its inception PWC has provided an urban haven where young people have the opportunity to receive mentoring and tutoring assistance, and also enjoy positive recreational activities.

Initial efforts to reach the hard-to-serve population of South Central Los Angeles were supported through small donations, bake and yard sales, and radio promotions.  Space and equipment were donated by local businesses.

With the aid of a matching grant from the City of Los Angeles  Community Development Department, PWC has since purchased a facility to house its Youth Center programs and staff.  And through the years, PWC has continued to rely on contributions from concerned individuals and groups who share our vision and support our work with youth.

Today as populations and economic conditions continue to change, PWC recognizes the need to keep the pace by broadening its scope of services and by establishing collaborative relationships with other public and private agencies.